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Zoey's Christmas Surprise

Zoey's is still hanging on in the Top 100 Erotica - thank you everyone for purchasing - if you liked it, please leave a review! We'd love for it to go higher by Christmas!

If you like books with BBW check out Christmas with the Millionaire Cowboy by Patricia Mason and Joann Baker - not erotica, but a good read

Friday, November 9, 2012

Zoey's Christmas Surprise is #26 today in HOT NEW AMAZON RELEASES!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Heat Up Your Holidays Early

Zoey's Christmas Surprise

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Christmas used to be Zoey’s favorite time of year. Huge family gatherings, lots of presents beneath the tree, and food spilling from the dining room and kitchen tables. But this year she was a thousand miles from home in a city full of strangers. If that wasn’t bad enough, everywhere she looked there were couples.

Couples shopping together; couples going out to parties; couples kissing beneath the mistletoe.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

It brought home to her what she was missing. Someone very special to share all the festivities.

She wanted a man of her own. She wanted a family.

She wanted a chance to be a little bit naughty.

She’d resigned herself to spending the holidays all alone until her interfering older brother sent her a Christmas surprise.

Nick Strong knew agreeing to do this favor for his best friend might end their friendship forever. But when he was asked to make sure Zoey Wilson didn’t spend Christmas all alone, he couldn’t say no. He’d lusted after the woman for years, her plus sized figure kicking his libido into overdrive every time she got near.

Trouble was he didn’t think his best friend would approve of how Nick planned on making sure the curvaceous black haired beauty didn’t wake up all alone on Christmas morning.

This is a short erotic story of approximately 9,500 words

WARNING:         This material is intended for mature audiences only.  It contains explicit language, holiday romance and a happy-ever-after.


It was four days before Christmas and he had accomplished what David wanted – Zoey would not be alone for the Christmas holidays. He just hoped his best friend would understand when he found out how Nick planned on fulfilling his promise.

On his way to her apartment, he’d stopped and bought another bouquet of roses along with a bottle of wine. He didn’t know what they’d be having for dinner, but he knew for a fact what he planned on having for dessert.

Zoey spread out before him with the wine running in rivulets across her breasts and down her mound. He wanted nothing more than to lick her from head to toe and taste all those sweet places in between.

She greeted him at the door dressed in a tight pair of jeans clinging to her bottom like a loving hand. Her sweater was made of a light weight knit with a layered collar and a neckline that plunged down the middle of her chest, revealing the sides of her breasts. If she had on a bra, he could detect no sign of it.

“So are you ready for this pity date?”

Nick stepped across the threshold and backed her against the wall before the words left her mouth. “Let me make one thing perfectly clear. This is not a pity date. This is a date with a man who finds you very, very attractive. Understand?”

He moved closer, allowing her to feel the affect she was having on him. He’d spent every day since David had asked him to look up his baby sister in a constant state of arousal.

Her eyes widened and he almost rethought his whole plan. This was David’s little sister. A woman who was almost ten years his junior. A woman who probably had very limited experience in the bedroom. He knew she hadn’t dated much before college, and he’d only ever heard of one serious relationship during college. Granted, he’d tried not to listen to the details about her life, but he was pretty certain David, being the overprotective big brother that he was, would have told him all about it.

“Any more questions?” Looking at her flushed face and beautiful brown eyes he realized he’d been a stupid, stupid man not to have pursued this attraction years ago.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Christmas Erotica

Just to let you know, we have a Christmas Erotica Novella coming out this weekend (fingers crossed)!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bought By The Texas Billionaire

Macy Trent was a chubby girl but that didn't mean she obeyed anybody's rules but her own.

That is, until her drop-dead gorgeous boss blackmailed her into submitting to his will

Bought by the Texas Billionaire is Part 1 of Macy and Logan's discovery. . .of each other

WARNING: For mature audiences only - contains elements of discipline, submission, dominance, hot sex and . . . romance


"I want to teach you how to behave." His eyes were half closed and the atmosphere in the room shifted. They both knew he was not offering to send her to a seminar on customer service.

She tried not to gape at him like a landed fish. Did he mean what she thought he meant? She never imaged he was a dominant. Not that she knew exactly what that meant. And she certainly never imagined he'd ask her to be his submissive. He had beautiful women coming and going in and out of his life so fast she was surprised he didn't have a revolving door in his bedroom.

"You want to tie me up and spank me?" She couldn't control the sarcasm and didn't even try

"I definitely want to spank you sometimes Miss Trent."

The graphic image evoked by his quietly spoken words caused her thighs to clench and she tried not to visibly squirm on the chair. She'd thought of her boss often in those terms, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that he ever thought about her. "Would we...where would we, uh, go?

"Do you have visions of crossbars and chains Miss Trent? Submission and domination is not about inflicting pain. To me it is about control."

"I know." Macy snorted indelicately. "Men want to control women, especially when they're having sex." She
couldn't believe she could sit here with her boss and talk about the subject of sex as casually as if they were discussing the weather.

"Tisk, tisk, Miss Trent. Sex itself is control. Men decide when and where sex is going to take place. During the prelude and the act itself we decide when and where to touch you. Whether we fondle your breasts or see how wet you are. We tell you when to spread your legs and we decide how hard we're going to pound our dicks inside you. Stroke after stroke."

She couldn't control the blush staining her cheeks. Just thinking of him doing all those things to her made her panties wet.

This was definitely not what she'd expected when he'd called her into his office.

"Nothing to say? A first for you, Miss Trent."

As her lips parted to speak, he held up a finger. "Don't spoil it now. You dress in those baggy suits and dresses because you're uncomfortable with your body."

Damn straight, she agreed silently. She wore a size eighteen. Most women were not comfortable in a body that size.

"I want to teach you about your body. I want to show you what you can endure and what drives you crazy. I want you to submit. To me."


Monday, October 22, 2012

Just a Thought

Writing can be the most difficult thing in the world - the characters sometimes take on a life of their own and lead you in directions you didn't think of before.

Writing also has its drawbacks when it comes to reading - you try to re-write the plot as you go along.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Never Too Early for Christmas

When it's snowing outside how do you want to warm up?

A big, bad wolf?
A gorgeous vamp?
The hunk next door?
A fireman, policeman?

Let us know - we're dying to write a Christmas story but give us a little inspiration, please!

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