Friday, August 31, 2012



Lynn Richards is the writing team of 2 best friends - we love romance with alpha males, curves and a little kink. We also love romance with a happy ending - not what will happen next. Short reads are our favorites for 2 reasons - we love to read them and we love to write them. Today's world is busy and it's rare that a person can finish a 300 page book in less than a week or two. We give you that little fix.

Email us at - and tell us what's the next big thing you want to read about - tried and true romance, billionaires, ranchers, wolves or vampires


  1. We now have 8 books up:

    Beauty and the Wolf
    Leader of the Pack
    Under His Control
    Pleasuring Tara
    Taken By Force
    Delighting Daisy
    Seduced by the Italian
    Sex By the Numbers

  2. are you writing a story of the father and friend from BEAUTY AND THE WOLF?