Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Friday, June 14, 2013

When Characters Come Knocking

As writers we always complain when the muse has left us, or our characters aren't talking to us. Sometimes what we don't share - and is the answer to why our writing schedule gets behind - is the fact that TOO MANY characters talk to us at once. I was calmly writing on A Matter of Mating, the characters had given me their itinerary and I was sending them on their way. And what happens next? My front doorbell rings and in walks McQuade, a man or should I say shifter I have never met before (but man is he HOT!) He says he's having trouble with his girl Rose and could I help him. So I started their story...

Friday, June 7, 2013
18+ and older please!

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Jake wanted to make her look like that for the rest of their lives. He hardened twitched thinking of the nights they’d spend together. 

“I shouldn’t have walked in to your office unannounced,” she apologized prettily, pink flooding her face. 

Jake raised his hand, tracing his knuckles down her cheek. “You are always welcome in my office.” What he wanted to say was you are always welcome in my life. He sighed silently. What was he going to do? He wanted to claim this woman, had decided to claim her, but she looked so young and so innocent. 
And so God damn beautiful. 

Her breasts pushed against the cotton of her shirt with each breath. He wanted to push it up and out of the way and taste the sweetness of her nipples. He bet they’d be berry red, peaking into hard points as he licked and suckled. 

He had to walk away before he picked her up and placed her on the nearest flat surface. The floor, the table. The wall. It didn’t matter. He wanted to slide himself inside herShe’d be hot and wet. She’d want him as much as he wanted her. He’d make damn sure of it. His wolf howled inside his head. 

He bent and kissed her, hard and swift, then strode out the door.
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Hello All!

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Bought, Branded and Bound Now in Box Set

Macy Trent was a chubby girl but that didn't mean she obeyed anybody's rules but her own. That is, until her drop-dead gorgeous boss blackmailed her into submitting to his will. She agrees to spend the weekend with Logan and obey his every command.

Twenty four hours later…Oh my God what have I done?

That’s Macy first thought upon waking and finding herself in Logan Quinn’s bed. As memories of the night before – and her wanton behavior – come flooding back, Macy realizes last night wasn’t her biggest regret, it was falling in love with her drop dead gorgeous boss.

Logan’s curvy assistant is sarcastic, willful, and deliberately disobedient and he’s had enough of her attitude. He knows the only way to get her out of his system is to make her submit. He also knows being a Dom is all about maintaining control. So why does his curvy secretary make him want to break his every rule?

Come join Logan and Macy on their incredibly erotic journey and find out what happens when a good little submissive makes her dominant lose control…

WARNING: For mature audiences only - contains elements of discipline, submission, dominance, hot sex and . . . romance

All three parts are available on, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Kobo


“Again, Macy, why are you being punished?”
Macy was sitting on the end of the bed like a good submissive when Logan entered the bedroom almost an hour later. Luckily he hadn’t finished sooner. She’d taken a quick shower before donning one of his dress shirts and even answered a text from her sister.
“Because I put two sugars in your coffee instead of three.”
“Did you do that deliberately, Miss Trent? You have made coffee for me almost every day since you’ve been in my employ. And you have put one cube of sugar in my coffee each time. Why forget today?”
He stood there, watching her, his eyes flashing with fire. She didn’t know if it was anger or desire. She hoped it was desire.
“Do you know why I think you forgot, Miss Trent?”
She shook her head, unable to speak.
“I think you want to be punished. You want to feel the heat of my hand on your backside. You want to see how much you can tolerate before using your safe word, don’t you, Macy?”
He stepped back and pulled the t-shirt over his head. Next he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his pajamas and let them slide to the floor. He wore no socks or shoes. Or underwear.
He walked over to the sitting area and placed one of the high-backed chairs in front of the mirrored closets. Taking a seat he motioned her over. “Come, stand in front of me the way you did last night.”
Macy complied, stepping in front of the chair with her back to him. She could feel her blood thrumming through her body. Even though she couldn’t comprehend the satisfaction to be had from spanking—yet—she was excited. Aroused at the thought of having Logan’s hands on her again.
Would she ever get enough of this man?
He reached out, his hands going under the tail of her shirt to trace the shape of her ass. His hands were warm, his touch firm as he stroked her soft flesh, making her tremble.
“Do you like that, Macy?”
Her breathing hitched. His touch was like a narcotic. One simple stroke and she’d do anything to have more. “Yes.”
“Unbutton my shirt.”
As soon as she’d undone the last button, he was tugging her down across his lap, her torso resting on the large curved arm of the chair. The fingers of one hand threaded through her hair, pulling the errant strands away from her face. Suddenly, she could see them in the mirror. He was watching her. Gauging her reaction.
“I want you to watch me spank you, Miss Trent,” he murmured. This was it. The thought both frightened and aroused her.
Macy watched his face, the brooding, hungry look—like a starving man offered a feast, yet afraid it was going to be snatched away before he got a taste. Fascinated by his expression as he stared raptly at her plump cheeks, she missed the rise of his hand.