Friday, June 7, 2013
18+ and older please!

    Look for new cover reveal coming soon!

Jake wanted to make her look like that for the rest of their lives. He hardened twitched thinking of the nights they’d spend together. 

“I shouldn’t have walked in to your office unannounced,” she apologized prettily, pink flooding her face. 

Jake raised his hand, tracing his knuckles down her cheek. “You are always welcome in my office.” What he wanted to say was you are always welcome in my life. He sighed silently. What was he going to do? He wanted to claim this woman, had decided to claim her, but she looked so young and so innocent. 
And so God damn beautiful. 

Her breasts pushed against the cotton of her shirt with each breath. He wanted to push it up and out of the way and taste the sweetness of her nipples. He bet they’d be berry red, peaking into hard points as he licked and suckled. 

He had to walk away before he picked her up and placed her on the nearest flat surface. The floor, the table. The wall. It didn’t matter. He wanted to slide himself inside herShe’d be hot and wet. She’d want him as much as he wanted her. He’d make damn sure of it. His wolf howled inside his head. 

He bent and kissed her, hard and swift, then strode out the door.

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