Friday, September 19, 2014

Loving the Wild Wolf

Hi! Long time no see. What's the old saying the Fates laugh when you make plans...We have managed to a few more books since last time and we're so happy to participate in the Sexy Saturday Blog hop. Here's a little something from out latest book - Loving the Wild Wolf

Staring into the flickering flames, waiting for Roark to return, Emma finally accepted the fact that she could no longer avoid the hand that fate was about to deal her. Her father wanted her married; and her mate didn’t want anything to do with her.

Moving her leg Emma winced at the pain, but thought it was a small price to pay for being where she was. Inside Roark’s cabin. She’d watched as he walked away, drinking in the sight of him. She’d known for years that he was her mate. Ever since he’d arrived on pack land six years ago, a broody, almost broken wolf. Her heart hurt seeing the stiffness of his gait even now. No one, not even her father, knew for sure what had happened to the almost-turned-rouge wolf.

Rumor had it that he’d hunted down the wolf that had murdered his sister, his only family, and suffered the almost crippling injury in the process. She mourned for the loss he had suffered, but rejoiced in the fact that his path in life had crossed hers. She knew she could never claim her mate, but to never have known she had a mate would have been the cruelest of fates.

Emma had felt like an outcast her entire life. First, she did not have an aggressive bone in her body. Which was really, really bad when you were an alpha’s daughter. Second, she was overly large for a wolf. Okay, fat. Most female shifters were usually lean-muscled and athletic. There were a few that had curves but not the kind of curves Emma sported. Big butt, big boobs, and big thighs. She’d been the brunt of hurtful jokes all of her life. 

Knowing that fate had deemed her worthy of a mate such as Roark did much to assuage the hurt in her soul. Even if she could never claim him.

Envy burned into her soul as she took in the quiet and peaceful feeling of Roark’s home. She’d tried to move out on her own one time, to leave the alpha’s house, but her father had brought her back like an unruly pup that had run away from home. He’d punished her the same way he would a dog, striping her back with welts from his belt. You didn’t go against the alpha. Which was why she was in such a dilemma now.

She sighed, hugging the blanket closer.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dang - where does the time go

Dang it, has it really been September since we posted? and look it's already the freaking 15th of March of 2014!! We've love to say we've been busy writing, but we've jsut been busy with life. We were trying so hard to have A Mate of His Heart - Robert and Mary Ann's story from Beauty and the wolf done by Christmas--maybe Christmas 2014! No, it will be done before then. And Briggs...Briggs is fighting tooth and nail to have his romance told. out latest book is Stryker which came out in october. Bought, Branded and Bound is now a boxed set. Happy Reading!